Our subscription service is an option we offer to customers who desire frequent pickups, with a high volume of recycling to collect.

It includes a price break on 18-gallon pickups and the option to sign up for regular recurring pickups scheduled at your convenience.


In addition to the reduced price on the initial 18-gallon swap, covered by the subscription's monthly price of $18,

Subscribers get a further reduction in the price-per-pickup when they request additional pickup volume in a given month.

bin count-final-01-01.png


-Request multiple containers per pickup

-Request multiple pickups per month

-Request pickups to be recurring on a set schedule

-Leave additional bags / boxes of items out for pickup


 -Contact us to schedule a pickup -
   unless recurring pickups have been approved by us

 -Provide us a photo of any additional items
   that do not fit in your container(s) prior to the pickup



Some subscribers prefer to have scheduled recurring pickups,

we collect their recycling on the given day of the week for their zone,

without emailing back and forth to confirm their collections.

Once a Subscriber sets their recurring pickup schedule, we handle everything.

-Once Every Four Weeks ( example: a pickup on March 2nd, a pickup on March 30th )

                                                   A PICKUP EVERY 28 DAYS

-Once Every Other Week ( example:: a pickup on March 2nd, a pickup on March 16th )

                                                   A PICKUP EVERY 14 DAYS                                   

-Once Every Week ( example: a pickup on March 2nd, a pickup on March 9th )

                                                   A PICKUP EVERY 7 DAYS   

To become a subscriber, or to set up recurring pickups, reach out to our email